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Feel good with eat.train.science is live! !

Bijgewerkt op: feb 3

After teaching classes for, my gosh, about 15 years now, corona has forced me to really step outside my comfort zone. And to be honest: it has been challenging but pretty amazing!

I started my public instagram account "eat.train.science" almost a year ago, and there has been an incredible amount of support and love for the workouts and recipes I put so much effort in. It made me realize I'm not the only one craving positive energy and a healthy lifestyle without denying yourself too much.

With the 30 days challenge, I spontaneously took the first step towards this online program I've been cooking up for a while now: "Feel good with eat.train.science". The feel good part is there for a reason: we often punish ourselves for not being "perfect", for not meeting the unreasonable standards we set for ourselves. What if I told you the journey toward whatever goal you have might be the best part? And even if you're locked up at home during a freakin forever lasting pandemic you can still go on that journey? Sometimes you just need a helping hand, and that's where I come in..

With my feel good program, I offer a complete workout schedule with 7 new workouts each week! Each workout is about 30 minutes long, so easy to squeeze into a busy schedule and there's something for everyone: SWEAT, STRENGTH & BALANCE.

SWEAT: with these workouts, we'll work on muscle endurance and overall fitness while having a blast! With different themes for each class and special music mixes, I'll keep you entertained so it will feel more like a party then a boring workout session. You'll be able to follow these workouts live on Facebook or do them at any time that suits you on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.

STRENGTH: twice a week you can join my strength program for upper- en lower body. You can either join the follow-along workout on Facebook or YouTube with more reps and less weight, or follow the outlines on this website if you own heavier weights or have less time.

BALANCE: This is a fun and effective program that pays attention to the crucial balance of activity and rest. In these classes we'll use yoga, pilates and stretching to strengthen the core- and postural muscles, focus on breathing and mindfulness, create mobility and flexibility and